Rocco is the night shift guard in a seedy prison. He watches while one inmate pounds the others? ass hard. While the inmates are having their fun, Rocco gets aroused and jerks off. He cums on the bars of the cell, then zips up his fly and gets back to his desk.

Rocco is sitting at his guard desk, stroking his huge cock while Lance looks on from his cell. Rocco notices that he?s being watched by one of his scumbag prisoners. ?You want some of this??

He pulls Lance out of the cell and hangs him from a meet hook by his handcuffs. He fucks him from behind, then throws him on the guard desk and fucks him on his back. Rocco finishes him from behind, blows a load inside him, then throws him back in the cell.

A new inmate, Owen Powers, is now in Rocco?s prison. He gets mouthy and asks for his phone call. Rocco takes this opportunity to show him how things work in this seedy prison?

He pulls Owen out and pounds his ass hard over the guard desk while Lance watches eagerly from the cell. Rocco moves Owen back to the bars, and Lance holds him from the other side while Rocco pounds him.

Owen turns cock hungry and sucks Lance off through the bars. Lance cums on his face. Rocco cums on his back. Lance holds Owen in a headlock through the bars and they make him jerk off all over Rocco?s stomach.

Rocco throws the newbie back in the cell, where Lance immediately grabs him and throws him against the wall. Looks like they might be enjoying their time together?